Top 10 Goals For 2019

2018, a year eventful in more ways than one. A year with highs and extreme lows. As I sit here and reflect, I wanted to dedicate today’s post to sharing my goals for the coming year, with the aim of making 2019 my best year yet!

1. Embrace positive thinking

Much of my life is plagued by negative thoughts and feelings and I want this year to be the time to alter my mindset for the better.

2. Do more public speaking

My experience of doing speeches began in 2018 and I want to continue sharing my story of mental illness to lots of different people in different places. My target is to do one talk per week, however I am determined not to beat myself up should I not achieve this!

3. Continue campaigning and voluntary work

I’ve been struggling badly with my own mental health in recent weeks, therefore campaigning has had to take a backseat. After a good break, my aim is to become more active again and attend lots of different events.

4. Put myself first

Although I massively enjoy helping and inspiring other people, I have been guilty of trying too hard to do so, thus neglecting my own wellbeing. It’s cliche but you can’t help others unless you help yourself!

5. Control impulsive behaviours

When in certain situations, I’ve realised my actions can be very impulsive and in the ‘heat of the moment’, something that doesn’t always bode well. Learning to take a step back and respond when thinking more rationally would be ideal!

6. Get active

I’ve always enjoyed exercise, however I have noticed that in recent months I have become more inactive. Even if it is just walking a certain amount every day, I’d like to get back to regular exercise. It can be such a benefit to my mental health!

7. Make new friends

Throughout my life I’ve struggled to make friends and I want this to be the year where I form some more positive relationships.

8. Avoid comparisons

All the time I feels like I am comparing my own success, achievements etc. to other people and it is very harmful to my mental health. It’s a cycle that is difficult to control and I want to begin focussing on myself and that I’m on my own journey.

9. Regular self-care

Self-care is an important aspect of maintaining our wellbeing, however I have been guilty of neglecting it. My target is to do more things I enjoy- e.g. reading, watching TV etc. and distract myself. Being stuck in my own head is really not helpful!

10. Implement new coping techniques

With my counselling sessions approaching their conclusion, I want to conduct plenty of research and make a genuine commitment to practise whatever I find. They may not all be particularly helpful, although if I persevere it’s more likely that I’ll find something that works for me. Meditation and gratitude lists are two methods I’m planning to try very soon!

If you have any feedback or want to provide any of your own goals for the coming year, please leave them in the comments below. Let’s hope 2019 is the year where we can all make positive changes to our lives!

Thanks for reading,




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