Story Camp 2018

Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today.

Robert McKee

Just last weekend, I was very fortunate to be invited to Time to Change Young Champions Story Camp in London, an event dedicated to digital campaigning and how we can use blogging, vlogging, podcasting etc. to better our campaign work.

In roughly 8 months as a champion, Time to Change as a campaign have given me some amazing opportunities on a great platform and this was no exception. Having arrived the previous night in London with a few disruptions and settled into my hotel, I was finally raring to go on the Saturday morning.

Having done a few previous sessions with the young champions group, I was excited to see them all again and meet some new faces too. Much of my other campaigning has involved me working with much other people and what I have loved about this programme is interacting with a similar age group.

For the session, we were lucky enough to be joined by three speakers- Cara Lisette, Paul McGregor and Anneli Roberts- all ‘resident experts’ in the field of digital campaigning. I’d be lying if I said I was not a little apprehensive going into it, however I was very keen to listen and to learn more.

For around two months, I have neglected my YouTube channel that I had been building up slowly. I was very worried about how people would perceive and whether the content I was producing was any good! After taking part in some fun activities and hearing a number of great stories, it has provided me with some much needed inspiration. More desire to write. More desire to vlog. And ultimately more desire to talk about mental health in lots of effective ways!

The environment in which the session was held was one of empowerment and just wanting to make a difference. We have all had that lived experience of mental health problems and it’s brilliant working with others also wanting to make a positive change in the world! Way too people continue to suffer in silence and I want to use my voice for the people that cannot, the people that we’ve lost and to educate those who believe people with mental illness are somehow less worthy.

Stories are a reminder that we are never alone, give us hope in the very darkest of times, imprint a picture in our minds and make us feel more emotionally connected.

Even through pain, grief, loss and torment, isn’t it incredible that stories and our personal experiences can transform something so negative into a huge positive?

To all the staff, speakers, virtual panel and my fellow young champions, I want to say a massive thank you for making the day so worthwhile. The power of storytelling is truly remarkable!

Thanks for reading,


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